Roof Replacement: Are Your Shingles Telling You That Your Roof Is Shot?

Roofing care and maintenance are one of the things that may be not high on the priority list for some homeowners. This can largely be attributed to the fact that most people know that roofs are designed to withstand constant exposure to the changing climatic conditions without acquiring severe structural damage. Nevertheless, this does not mean that your roof will last forever. There comes a time when you may need to consider roof replacement, especially if you live in a home that is several decades old. Read More 

Advantages of Colorbond Roofing

Metal roofs, especially colorbond, are quickly becoming commonplace in Australia thanks to their stylish, sturdy, lightweight and resilient nature to Australian weather conditions. It is a roofing option that's worth exploring if you're thinking about modifying or building a house as it boasts a variety of benefits. Below, we list some of the key reasons you need to consider installing colorbond roofing. Versatility If you're choosy about colour matching or you want to find a roof that matches your specific brick, colorbond offers a wide variety of colours that can match virtually all your preferences. Read More 

Metal Roof Extension Ideas for Small Spaces

When you first purchased your suburban home, you likely did not think about the possibilities of expansion. You knew that you had a certain amount of property, and any expansion was likely only going to come from purchasing adjoining land, which was highly unlikely. If you are looking to expand, but think it is still impossible, you may want to consider the many metal roof extension ideas that can turn small spaces into ideal extensions for multiple uses. Read More 

What Makes Metal Roofing Come Out On Top?

Metal roofing is without a doubt one of the most popular roofing options in the Australian construction industry, and manufacturers and suppliers of metal roofing products alike are cashing in big money due to this trend. But just to make sure we are on the same page, let's assume you're oblivious to the many benefits associated with metal roofing. Here is a rundown of some good reasons as to why metal roofing is the number-one choice for so many building owners across Australia. Read More 

Choose From These Different Types of Metal Roofs

Metal roofs offer a wide range of benefits, from being durable and long-lasting to being able to withstand various weather conditions and climate changes. Here are some different options to choose from when you are interested in having a metal roof installed. Metal Roofing Style The first option you can choose from is the actual type of metal materials you want. The two main options when you choose a metal roof are either shingles or panels. Read More