3 Main Benefits of Constructing a Two-Bedroom Granny Flat Kit With a Flat Roof

As your parents reach old age, taking care of them becomes your responsibility. As such, you might opt to build them a home near your house so you can closely monitor their health and living conditions. If that is the case, you should consider building a granny flat kit with help from a professional builder. Depending on the space around your compound, you can make a single- or double-bedroom kit. Building a two-bedroom kit with a flat roof has the following advantages: Read More 

What Roofers Consider When Estimating the Price of a New Roof Installation

One of the important things you'll have to think about when you're planning a new roof installation is the cost of the job. A quality roof installation isn't cheap, so it's good to have an accurate estimate of how much you'll need to spend before you embark on the project. The cost of installing a new roof depends on many variables. Here are the key elements that roofing contractors consider when pricing a roofing installation job. Read More