The Attributes of Metal Roofing That Make It Perfect for Homes

When looking at roofing materials, you have a variety of substances to pick from. One option is metal sheets. Here are several attributes of this option that help make a house more energy-efficient and secure.

Low Thermal Mass

Metal roofs have a low thermal mass, which is a positive for homes, especially in hot climates. Conversely, materials like concrete and terracotta tiles have a high thermal mass, which means they absorb solar heat. This heat is then radiated outwards for hours until it's totally dispersed. If you're trying to get a good night's sleep in summer, you may then suffer under the heat-emanating roof. Luckily, you won't experience the same problem with a metal roof because this material doesn't absorb and store heat. Thus, once the sun sets, the roof will quickly cool down, letting your house do the same.

Reflective Coats

However, unprotected metal can allow heat to quickly move through the roof into a house when the sun's out. You can prevent this by installing metal roofing with a reflective coating. The pigments on these sheets deflect infrared heat away from the building. The roof colour also plays a role in a cool house. Paler shades are more reflective than darker ones, so a light-coloured roof will better combat solar heat.


You can also take steps to bolster metal roofing in the winter to keep your home warmer. To do this, contractors can lay an insulation blanket underneath the sheets. This insulating layer will block the heat from rising and exiting the top of your house. You can also install ceiling insulation.


If you install metal roofing material, you'll also benefit from other attributes. For example, metal sheeting creates lightweight roofing, especially compared to concrete and terracotta tiles. Metal roofs won't put pressure on the building, and their installation is unlikely to cause structural issues with the house. Conversely, heavy tiles can create a bulky roof, and a home can require reinforcement. Lightweight large metal sheets are also easier than numerous small tiles to place on top of a home, so a roof replacement process will be quicker and more economical.

Thus, regardless of your climate, the attributes of a metal roof will help to make a house comfortable and energy-efficient. Plus, metals' lightweight nature won't create an unnecessary weight on a building. Expansive metal sheets are also more straightforward to install than many small tiles.