3 Main Benefits of Constructing a Two-Bedroom Granny Flat Kit With a Flat Roof

As your parents reach old age, taking care of them becomes your responsibility. As such, you might opt to build them a home near your house so you can closely monitor their health and living conditions. If that is the case, you should consider building a granny flat kit with help from a professional builder. Depending on the space around your compound, you can make a single- or double-bedroom kit. Building a two-bedroom kit with a flat roof has the following advantages:

1. Provides Enough Space for Everyone

Your parents might be comfortable in a one-bedroom house. However, adding an extra room creates more space for caregivers who will be taking care of them around the clock. Besides, some of your relatives and friends may want to come and visit your parents from time to time, and the extra space will shelter them for the days they will be visiting. 

With an extra bedroom, your parents can also request their friends to come and spend a few days with them. That will enable them to enjoy life as if they were in their own home. 

2. Creates Space for Different Functions 

If your parents are comfortable in one bedroom, you can transform the second bedroom into a storage facility, sturdy room or a working out area. In some cases, your parents might want to bring some of their favourite belongings or equipment that will keep them busy while they are in your home. The extra space will provide storage space for all the items they require to keep them comfortable. That will enable a smooth transition from the home they are used to, to their new home. 

3. Increases the Value of Your Property

When your parents attain a certain age, you might have to take them to an assisted living facility for advanced care. When that time comes, the extra rooms you built for them might not have a purpose. One of the ways to benefit from the additional rooms is by renting them out. However, you need the approval of the relevant authorities before renting the rooms out to clients. The two-bedroom house will be attractive to clients who want a home with more space for different functions, and it will fetch a better monthly payment. 

Granny flat kits with flat roofs offer a comfortable and convenient way to take care of your elderly parents. If you have enough space, you can build them a two-bedroom kit. That will create space for different guests who might be willing to visit them or storage space for their favourite belongings or equipment. Contact a company that provides granny flat kits for more information.