What Roofers Consider When Estimating the Price of a New Roof Installation

One of the important things you'll have to think about when you're planning a new roof installation is the cost of the job. A quality roof installation isn't cheap, so it's good to have an accurate estimate of how much you'll need to spend before you embark on the project.

The cost of installing a new roof depends on many variables. Here are the key elements that roofing contractors consider when pricing a roofing installation job.

The Cost of Roofing Materials

If you're getting your roofing supplies from a roofer, then the cost of the supplies is going to appear in your quote. The cost of your roofing supplies will depend on what type of roofing material you want and how much of it you need to put up a new roof. 

The amount of roofing material you'll need depends on the square footage of your roof. This is calculated by measuring your entire building's size in square feet and then dividing that figure by 100. That way, the roofer can determine how many 100-square-foot areas they're working with. However, this formula only works for flat roofs.

A pitched roof design increases your roof's square footage, meaning you'll need to purchase more roofing material. This will add to the cost of your roof installation. 

The Cost of Labour

The amount of work to be done is another important consideration that roofers make when estimating the price of your job. They'll need to take into account the roofing material to be used, the pitch and design of the roof, and any relevant building codes and homeowners' association rules that must be complied with when building your roof.

Some roofing materials require more skill and take more time to install compared to other types of roofing materials. For example, steep-sloped roofs tend to be more difficult to build than flat roofs owing to their slanted design. 

Roofers consider the relative ease or difficulty in installing a roof when pricing a job. That means you'll pay more if you want to build a complex roof design and/or use roofing materials that require a higher level of skill to install correctly.

The best way to ensure you're being charged a competitive price for your roof construction job is to get and compare quotes from multiple contractors. If you notice that a roofer is underbidding and has omitted something others have included, you may want to ask them what the price is with that service included.

To learn more, contact a roofing contractor.