Tips for Carrying Out a Roof Inspection When Buying a Home

One of the most important and exciting investments that most people make in their lifetime is purchasing a home. The process can be quite lengthy as it involves finding a house, meeting with the seller or their agent, applying for a mortgage, and planning the move. In the midst of all the planning and excitement, carrying out a thorough home inspection is often overlooked. Failure to inspect important structural parts of the house such as the roof can end up costing you a lot in the future. Here you will learn some critical things that you should look out for when carrying out a roof inspection before making the purchase.

Shingle damage

Inclement weather conditions such as strong wind, snow storms, and rain can cause shingle wear or damage. If you are buying a home in an area that's known to experience such extreme weather events, it is critical to carry out a thorough inspection of the roof shingles. Look out for shingles that are curled, have holes, lack granulation, or show other signs of damage. Also look out for missing shingles which could have been pulled apart in the storm. Damaged shingles will be expensive to repair or replace; therefore, it is paramount for the repairs to be made before buying the house.

Worn gutters

Roof gutters direct rainwater from the roof into a collection area away from the home's foundation. They play a significant role in preventing water damage to parts of the home's structure and foundation. Leaky gutters or those that have accumulated debris over time may not be able to channel water away from the home. Failure to repair them can compromise the structural stability of the roof and cause basement leaks, siding damage, and foundation cracks. All these are costly damages that require immediate attention; otherwise, they can compromise the integrity of the entire home.

Roof leaks

When inspecting a roof for leaks, you have to look beyond the roof and into the interior parts of the house.  Inspect the home's walls and ceilings and look out for any signs of water damage that may indicate a leaking roof. Also, inspect the ceilings of the walls and attic if the home has one. If there are signs of water damage, the roof should be thoroughly assessed as it could have additional problems such as sagging and faulty gutters.

Call an independent roofing contractor to carry out a roof inspection before buying the new house. If any problems are unearthed, make sure that the seller addresses them before the purchase to avoid financial burdens in the future. For more information, contact companies like Blue West Roof Restorations.