Advantages of Colorbond Roofing

Metal roofs, especially colorbond, are quickly becoming commonplace in Australia thanks to their stylish, sturdy, lightweight and resilient nature to Australian weather conditions. It is a roofing option that's worth exploring if you're thinking about modifying or building a house as it boasts a variety of benefits.

Below, we list some of the key reasons you need to consider installing colorbond roofing.


If you're choosy about colour matching or you want to find a roof that matches your specific brick, colorbond offers a wide variety of colours that can match virtually all your preferences. Coming in various designs, including curved, convex, concave, and anything in-between, the rugged nature of colorbond can't be ignored. It comes with hard-wearing paint that can last for several years. It's also termite resistant, crack and peel resistant, non-combustible and can survive harsh climates. Its manufacturers have been testing colorbond roofing for several decades to make sure that their product performs as promised.


Tiles made of concrete or terracotta are heavier and maintenance intensive. If you are looking to modify your roof, you need to balance between installing a roofing with a stronger framework that supports your tile roof and one that doesn't add a lot of weight on the structure to avoid strains. Furthermore, concrete and terracotta tiles absorb water, which makes them heavier during rainy weather. This aspect should be taken into consideration when designing your roof support structure. That said, colorbond roofing presents you with an attractive and lightweight alternative.


If you are environment conscious, colorbond roofing is the best option for you as it is fully reusable and recyclable. In the event that you decide to give your colorbond roofing an uplift, you'll find it relatively easy and light to transport. You can use them for other purposes such as arranging them on pavements. Also, they come pre-cut to your specifications which contribute to less on-site wastage, thereby reducing waste to the environment, which is always a good thing.

Energy Efficiency

Albeit tiles are a cheaper option, the overall cost will actually depend on installation cost, future maintenance, and whether you'll add painting and extra insulation or not. However, with colorbond roofs, you'll avoid most of these costs as the product comes with hard-wearing paint and also uses thermatech technology, which helps them bounce back any penetrating heat, thereby cooling the house and allowing the air conditioning unit to do its job.