What You Need to Know About Roof Trusses

Roof trusses, sometimes called A-frames, are large framing pieces that are manufactured in a factory and then shipped to a construction site, and used for the roof frame of a home or other building. These trusses are often left exposed so that a structure has a very open and airy look and feel. If you're having a new home or other such structure built, note a few considerations to keep in mind about roof trusses so you can determine if these are the right choice for your construction plans, and so you know how to include trusses in your overall design. Read More 

3 Inexpensive Extras to Improve the Functionality of Your Roof

Putting up a roof is a huge project, particularly since certain roofs are made to last throughout the life of a home. Therefore, it makes sense to invest in those little extras that could make your roof more functional and also more attractive. The advantage of such extras is that they can be installed later on if you don't have the money to install them when the roof is being installed. Read More 

Crucial Details You Need From Your Roof Truss Supplier

Every building structure has to have a stable and sturdy structure to support the roof effectively. This structure can be offered by roof trusses as they come with all the necessary strength required to hold the roof structure together. Roof trusses are also quick and easy to fix. They also can transfer the entire roofs weight equally to the exterior walls of the building. With this, they relieve all the load from the inner house walls which are not as strong. Read More 

Everything You Need to Know About Fibre Cement

When it comes to building materials for your home, you may not think that fibre cement is a good choice for siding. When you think cement, you probably think of your home's driveway or walkway and wonder how you could even construct a home with this material. Note a few factors about fibre cement that you might consider so you know if this is the best choice for exterior siding for your home. Read More 

Tips for Carrying Out a Roof Inspection When Buying a Home

One of the most important and exciting investments that most people make in their lifetime is purchasing a home. The process can be quite lengthy as it involves finding a house, meeting with the seller or their agent, applying for a mortgage, and planning the move. In the midst of all the planning and excitement, carrying out a thorough home inspection is often overlooked. Failure to inspect important structural parts of the house such as the roof can end up costing you a lot in the future. Read More