Advantages of a Roof Restoration Project

If the roof on your home looks decayed and worn out, you may be working out how to treat the issue, particularly if you notice dark patches on the ceiling that suggests leaks. One approach to consider is a roof restoration, the advantages of which follow.

More Thorough than Singular Repairs  

Even though a roof restoration mends leaky roofs, it involves a more painstaking process than a single repair. After a high pressure clean, the condition of the entire roof is scanned, not only the problematic sections. Contractors will then repair any holes, fixing or replacing cracked tiles or decayed metal sheeting. Afterwards, they'll apply various roof coatings. The overall project involves many improvements across the entire roof surface.

Cheaper than a Replacement  

A restoration creates a totally sound roof that looks new. However, it offers a more economical option than a roof replacement. By dressing the cladding in protective coatings and sealants, you'll shield it from the sun, wind, and hail, and prolong the life of the roof. A restoration also helps the environment in that it exhausts less energy than a replacement — your restored roof will have a smaller carbon footprint.  

Fosters an Energy-Efficient Home  

By sealing the entire roof, you'll generate a more energy-efficient home. Rifts and cracks in the cladding during summer allow outside hot air to infiltrate the roof cavity. This heat in the crawl space will easily pass through relatively thin ceiling plaster and into the rooms. Conversely, without holes in the roof cladding, the crawl space will remain cooler, and thus so will your home.

Likewise in winter, roofing holes let freezing air into the crawl space, and the warmth in your home will quickly escape through the ceiling plaster. With a warmer, more protected crawl space, you won't lose so much heat. The air within the roof cavity buffers your home from outside temperatures. 

Additionally, during a restoration, you can spread sealants specifically designed to create a more energy-efficient home. For example, contractors can apply a reflective coating to deflect solar heat. They can also use a waterproofing sealant.

Thus, roof restoration grants numerous advantages. The thorough process does much more than just patch holes, though it does that. It regenerates the cladding with a pressure clean and with various sealants. Thus, you'll virtually enjoy a new roof while paying less than for a replacement. As a result, your home will function more efficiently, and you'll save on heating and cooling.

To learn more, reach out to a roof restoration service today.