Factors to Keep in Mind When Considering a Metal Roof Replacement

The roofing is one of the main structural components of a house, and thus its integrity is crucial to the building's stability. The roof's colour and condition will also influence your home's appearance. When weighing up whether you need to replace your roofing with metal, keep the following factors in mind.

Constant Repairs

Are you continually forking out money for roof repairs? You might feel like you're saving money as you receive each bill individually. But taking this route, you'll eventually reach a point of diminishing returns, where it costs more to repair your roof rather than replacing it altogether. Once you add up all the separate repair bills over time and factor in the likely future ones, it can cease to be cost-effective. Plus, you'll still have a patched-up roof rather than a new one that will require little upkeep in the near future.

Existing Roof's Age

Another factor to consider is your roof's age. Like everything else, roofs succumb to wear and tear, being outdoors in the sun, rain, hail and wind. If the cladding on top of your home is several decades old, an inspection can determine whether you'd benefit from replacing it with metal. A bonus of new roofing is that it can improve your home's energy efficiency. Technologically savvy metal roofs have a reflective coat that bounces solar radiation away from the rooms below, keeping them cooler. Plus, you could take the opportunity, while the roofing is removed, to lay new insulation underneath. 

Sagging Roof Contour

Another factor to keep at your mind's forefront is the contour of the roof. Have you noticed that it's sagging and dipping in areas? This can happen particularly in the middle sections. A typical cause of this is that the cladding is moisture-saturated, which can destabilise the entire cover. In the worst-case scenario, it could collapse. A roofing contractor can ascertain the degree of bowing, how problematic it is and whether you'd be better off with a metal roof replacement.

Your Home's Appearance

When analysing your options, don't forget about the appearance of the facade. A patchy old roof with broken or loose bits will impart a shabby air. Whereas, a beautiful sleek metal roof will give it a flawless appearance. Metal sheeting is available in various profiles, ranging from classic orb waves to angular, square profiles. Plus, metal comes in many lovely hues like slate-blue, burnt-red, grey-green and pale-sand. You'll be able to select a shade to flatter the wall cladding and to create a stunning facade. If you're selling shortly, buyers will no doubt be impressed by an immaculate maintenance-free roof.

Contact a metal roof replacement contractor to learn more.