Metal Roof Extension Ideas for Small Spaces

When you first purchased your suburban home, you likely did not think about the possibilities of expansion. You knew that you had a certain amount of property, and any expansion was likely only going to come from purchasing adjoining land, which was highly unlikely. If you are looking to expand, but think it is still impossible, you may want to consider the many metal roof extension ideas that can turn small spaces into ideal extensions for multiple uses. Here are a few of those ideas.

Garden Carport Roof Extension

One of the benefits of a metal roofing extension is the ability to outfit them to be more than just a roof. For example, you may be considering the basic idea of having a metal roof extension for your carport that would allow you to have a covered garage or carport area. With certain metal roofing, you can take that a step further and have the roof house a small garden. This is generally known as green roofing and can give you that small sustainable garden you have wanted with easy ladder access while supplying your car protection during weather conditions.

Sun Room Extensions

You may have a small patio or porch on the back of your home, but that may not be utilized year round due to the weather conditions. This may leave you wanting a sun room that you can enjoy year round regardless of the temperatures. You can use a metal roof extension to create this room and give you that added space. The driveway can be utilized as the foundation for the room and your contractor can easily build the walls to adjoin the room to the house. You can even go an extra step and convert the drive in garage to another room, expanding your home living space even further.

Sustainable Hydroponics Room

You may want to jump into hydroponics and having a sustainable garden, but your property lines just do not allow it. You can create a sustainable garden and hydroponics room with the use of metal roof extension plans. A small room can be added to the back of your home, using metal roof extensions and a mixture of metal and glass walls. The glass walls can be used to house window farm drip hydroponic units while the rest of the room can be used for basic hydroponic, or even aquaponic, gardens. This turns that once seldom used patio into a fully functioning sustainable garden.

These are only three of the ideas you can combine with metal roof extensions to give your home more space, more use, and an expanded living area. For more ideas or to find out if an idea you have can be used with metal roof extension options, contact your local roofing contractor.