Choose From These Different Types of Metal Roofs

Metal roofs offer a wide range of benefits, from being durable and long-lasting to being able to withstand various weather conditions and climate changes. Here are some different options to choose from when you are interested in having a metal roof installed.

Metal Roofing Style

The first option you can choose from is the actual type of metal materials you want. The two main options when you choose a metal roof are either shingles or panels. With shingles, they can look similar to asphalt and other types of shingles in more of a flat design, be textured, or come in corrugated metal shingles. With panels, they tend to be larger and are often attached to each other, as opposed to shingles lying on top of each other. Vertical seam panels are popular when it comes to metal roofing, and they are fastened with screws.

Materials For Metal Roofing

Once you know whether you want panels or shingles, you can then decide on the actual type of metal. There are a few different options to choose from, each of which vary in their durability, cost, and how they are installed. Aluminum is a good option if you want metal roofing materials that can be painted and are more lightweight. It does tend to be easier to install as well. Aluminum is more cost-effective than materials like steel, though steel is much sturdier and can handle more extreme weather conditions. Steel usually has a zinc coating that helps to protect it against corrosion.

For metal materials that don't rust or corrode, you can choose copper metal roofing materials. Copper doesn't have a finish on top, so it isn't going to peel or scratch. It also happens to be one of the most expensive metal materials you can get for you roof.

Paint Coating For Metal Roofs

Believe it or not, just because you have a metal roof doesn't mean it has to have the classic metal or chrome appearance. You may have a style of home that doesn't look good with this appearance. Many metal roofing materials can be painted different colours, which not only changes how they look, but gives the metal an additional layer of protection from rust and corrosion. You can also add more style along with paint coating with various stamping and textures.

Speak to a roofing contractor to decide if metal is right for you and decide which of the metal roofing materials is best for you.