Four Reasons to Consider Colorbond Roof Replacement

When you purchase an older home, you go into the purchase knowing you will face some repair and replacement issues. Some of these repairs can be done prior to the purchase while others will be your responsibility. One of the repairs you may take on yourself is a roof replacement. If you are planning on replacing the current roof of the home, consider the reasons you should upgrade to a Colorbond option.

Colour Options

Older homes tend to have traditional roof colours such as black, brown, or terra cotta. When you choose Colorbond roof replacement you can choose from a variety of colours. This means that you can totally recreate the exterior look of your home by corresponding your exterior paint with your roof and home trim. This gives a more professional and streamlined look as well as a higher curb appeal to your home.

Reduced Corrosion

If the roof you are replacing is steel, then you may have noticed corrosion and other issues with the appearance of the material. This is an issue that may lead to leaks and water damage related issues in your roof, attic, and into your insulation or ceiling. When you choose Colorbond roof replacement you can avoid corrosion.

This steel option gives you the durability of steel, but offers an anti-corrosion layer that will reduce the chance of rust and other related issues meaning your roof will last longer in the Australian weather conditions.

Green Options

If you are looking for a roof option that will lend a hand to helping the environment and green living goals, then Colorbond may be an ideal option. The steel used for this type of roofing is 100% recyclable. This is ideal if you want to try and salvage damaged roofing shingles for other projects or recycling. This reduces the need for manufacturers to produce new steel which helps the environment by reducing the waste that builds up from manufacturing plants.


One of the reasons you may want to consider this type of roofing replacement option over more traditional options is because of the low-maintenance required. By using a simple mild detergent and water, you can clean the roofing and maintain it fairly easily. Make sure when you are cleaning your roof and gutters that you look for any problems to help avoid major issues later.

These are just a few of the reasons you should upgrade to Colorbond roof replacement options fr your home purchase. If you are ready to move forward, contact a local roofing contractor. For more help, contact a company like The Roof & Wall Doctor to learn more.